It all started at the initiative of a group of young people with a common interest: mountains and caves. The organisation was founded on the pure idealism of those people for whom the academic environment was too constrained. They have seized the opportunity of the '90s when dreams could come true only through financial support.

They learned cave photography and brought to light the beauties of the undergrounds. They climbed mountains and found over 80 cavities, they maped them and introduced them in the Romanian Caves Inventory at the "Emil Racovita" Speleology Institute.

We accept anyone, but only those who can, remain

Our numbers were never the same. Always changing, Club Speo Bucovina, didn't passed unobserved during many speleological events: "Science, Art, Pasion" Festival, SpeoSport, SpeoArt and the NationalSpeleological Congress. The members havve been nominated and awarded for their achievements in speleology field. All who went through our organisation, left a little richer, some taking jobs in biology, chiropterology and geology.

In early 1996, the Club reorganises and receives the court decizion, according to Law 21/1924, and becomes endorsed by "Emil Racovita" Speleology Institute of the Romanian Academy, to become The Speleological Foundation "Club Speo Bucovina".

With this new title we have started a new journey, that of projects and European programs. The aim of our organisation is conservation and capitalization of natural and cultural resources that surround us, but rarely stop to see.

A few of our accomplishments until today:

During 2004-2005 we have introduced a "General Speleology" course in the curriculum of the Faculty of History and Geography at the "Stefan cel Mare" University in Suceava. The course had a practical part at the Tausoare and Vantului Caves.
As a result of the projects related to bats and the research during our "Bats" program (1997-present), the Bats Cave in Rarau Mountain has been declared scientific reservation, acoording to H.G. 2151/30.11.2004.
"Sustainable development and biodiversity cinservation of Rarau-Giumalau Mountains" project that took place in 2005, involved students from the Biology Faculty of "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" College in Iasi. Together we made a scientific study of the local biodiversity in order to propose the area for NATURA2000. Today, the area Rarau-Giumalau is a Natura2000 protected area.
During the same project, construction of a research and information center was started in Rarau.
During our projects we have built a rich library of info materials on biodiversity, environmental protection, protected areas and renewable energy.
We have trained a specialist in building renewable energy sources and held courses for others to learn 30 people in Tara Dornelor have participated in 3 courses.

We are very happy that our work has been apreciated and we would like to thank those who trusted us: Financial:
- founders: Environmental Partnership Foundation Miercurea Ciuc, FDSC, Carpatica Foundation, United kingdom Embassy, Holland Embassy, ANSIT, REC Romania, Youth and Sport County Direction Suceava, BTT Suceava.
To those that have been with us during different projects:
- parteners and colaborators: Environmental Protection Agency Suceava, National Forest Agency, County Council Suceava, Campulung Moldovenesc City Hall, Suceava City Hall, Suceava County School Inspectorate.
But we'd also like to give special thanks to all out club coleagues that have been with us for some time and to those that will follow.