Protection and sustainable use of natural and cultural resources


Development and implementation of projects and programs by area of interest, in collaboration with relevant organizations and institutions

Growth of local potential for sustainable development by initiating equity or other initiatives to support rational use of human and cultural resources and the existing natural area.

ENERGY - CHANGES CLIMTICE field by addressing thematic areas:
- Renewable energy;
- Energy efficiency and sustainable consumption

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION field by addressing thematic areas:
- Protected areas;
- Biodiversity;
- Urban and rural green spaces;
- Water management
- Waste management;

SOCIAL field
Supporting vulnerable / disadvantaged goups to prevent marginalization and social exclusion and to promote their social inclusion;

Education and public awareness:
Informing, awaring and educating the public (children, young adults) on priority issues in different areas of interest; Increase democratic involvement of civil society in policy implementation.