This is the call sign of our organization in the world of radioamateurs. We have a number of 7 members with registred call signs and since all of us agreed, we considered necessary to also have one for the NGO. It has been obtained on April 2009. Our purpose is not sport performance but activities directly related to nature, mountains, etc., so "hobbies".

The aim is to promote work in portable from mountains, islands, through satelits, digital comunication and balloon.

The call name can already be "seen" on qrz.com and it also has an account on eQSL.

After one year of activity our log has 450 contacts with confirmations on eQSL from 32 countries.

YO8KGT is a member of the European Club for ROS (with No. 406).

We can work in partnerships with other structures or radioamateurs and also on our own.