The Joyful Garden

UPDATE: Pictures from the activities with children here.

Project funded by The foundation for Partnership and Mol Romania

The aim of the project is the rehabilitation of a public space of 800 square meters situated in Suceava. The result will be a green alive area, a space for recreation and ecological education for children.

The project is in collaboration with the City Council – Direction of Public and Public Domain Administration of Suceava County.

Our partners are Elementary School No.3 and No. 4 from Suceava, involving 140 pupils in ecological education activities.

The project has started on the April 22nd 2013, with the celebration of the Day of the Earth.

Some of the activities:
- Activities for cleaning the land of vegetable materials and garbage on and in the earth (cans, debris and other non-degradable materials);
- Making 2 compost boxes where the earth will be formed from the vegetable material gathered;
- Defining the areas to be cleaned and for the future garden. This will be done by digging, making the plantation areas and plantation (flowers, trees and bushes).

All activities will take place during workshops opened to all wanting to get involved and learn about arrangement of a garden on a deteriorated piece of land and composting in it.

The Speleological Foundation „Club Speo Bucovina” has been selected by the Foundation for Partnership and MOL Romania under the program called “Green Spaces – Urban green spaces Component".

Mol Romania launched „Green Spaces” program in collaboration with The Partnership Foundation in 2006 through the pilot program "Schools for environment” after seeing the implication if children and youngsters in planting and arranging activities.

For the “Urban Green Spaces” component, NGOs get funded for partnerships with other institutions. The projects aim to rehabilitate or create green spaces and developing activities for ecological education in local communities.

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