Protected areas in Bucovina in pictorial scenes

Period of implementation: 2013

Funders: The Partnership Foundation and MOL Romania; Green Areas Program, Natural Protected Areas Component

· Suceava County Council
· Environmental Protection Agency Suceava
· Calimani National Park Administration

1. Getting to know the specific and characteristics of the natural areas in Bucovina. The participants were artist students from „Ciprian Porumbescu" Art Highschool and „Ion Irimescu" School of art. They have participated in info workshops (200 people) and camps to study the nature (25 people);
2. Making 40 art works (paintings, photos, drawings) to catch the specific, beauty and necessity for these places to be protected – educational instrument for the promotion of natual values in the area;
3. Implementing the promotion instrument for all Suceava County, by establishing a calendar for a series of exhibitions during 2013 and at least one during project period.

· One Poweraplicatie power point cu 1OO slide-uri
· 12 painting made by the participants during the trip to Ponoare
· 14 oil paintings, 5 pastels and 3 drawings made by the participants in Rarau
· A collection of 100 images from Ponoare, Pietrele Doamnei (Lady’s Stones) and Todirescu reservations.